Maintenance Technician - VA


This position will be responsible for repairing and maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment within the Covington production facility. It will be responsible for examining electrical and mechanical equipment to diagnose trouble, disassembly of equipment and repair or replacement of broken or worn parts. Adjustment, lubrication, and preventative maintenance will be conducted by this position and/or, at its direction, by plant operators. This position will work closely with the Maintenance Supervisor and Plant Manager to schedule required maintenance activities and associated process shutdowns if required.


  • Maintain all plant equipment.

  • Participates in the Behavior Based Safety program.

  • Has a working knowledge of PLC and control systems.

  • Troubleshooting plant systems and equipment.

  • Monitor and coordinate preventative maintenance as performed by the operators and him / herself.

  • Enter/complete work orders in the CMMS.

  • Adherence to all safety policies and procedures by self and all personnel in maintenance area.

  • Interface with equipment and parts suppliers and vendors.

  • Recommend reliability improvements for the plant.

  • Maintain work area and maintenance shop in a neat manner.

  • Maintain inventory of electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation equipment as directed by the Maintenance Supervisor.

  • Adherence to all environmental policies.

  • Write necessary requisitions and seek competitive bids as appropriate.

  • Interface with and monitor outside contractors on maintenance activities.

  • Establishes, schedules and supervises the performance of preventative maintenance programs for plant manufacturing equipment, assigned vehicles, heating, refrigeration and electrical systems.

  • Ensures that buildings are maintained, including regular inspection of buildings, roofs, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems; initiates repair of maintenance programs as appropriate.

  • Assures the return of safely operating equipment to production. Coordinates with Operations to make sure equipment is ready and safe for maintenance to utilize.

  • Assists contractors as needed to satisfy maintenance requirements.

  • Reads and interprets blue prints to locate and identify sources of malfunctions to perform repairs or carry out maintenance responsibilities.

  • Keeps an adequate record of spare parts inventory to guarantee an appropriate stock level of pipes, fittings, nuts, bolts, electrical supplies, filters, motors, pumps and other such parts and supplies are on hand if needed; orders replacement supplies.

  • Prepares and submits to the Maintenance Supervisor, project proposals and cost analysis of replacing or repairing machinery, structures or other equipment operations.

  • Responsible for the boiler/steam generation system.

  • Performs other related duties, as directed

  • Must be comfortable working with computers and computer office programs.


Must have specialized training beyond the high school level in the mechanical, electrical and building trades. At least 5 years of relevant experience in an industrial setting is desired.


Continuous physical activity throughout the day such as climbing, balancing, walking, stooping, reaching, standing, pushing, pulling, lifting and moving objects up to 100 lbs. Ability to operate industrial machinery, work on a personal computer and travel on specific assignments.



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